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Each time you access our website, whether you do so online or by use of a copy of this website, you will be bound by the following terms and conditions which govern your use of the site, your obligations towards us, and our obligation towards you. It is a condition of having our permission to access this website that you accept all of our terms and conditions in their entirety.

This site is to be used only by persons who are seeking entertainment. It is not meant to be a reference site or to give any advice about any product or service whatsoever. You agree that you will not make any use of the information on this website in any way, or transmit any of it to any other third party in any way.

You accept that we may take any reasonable steps that we see fit in order to protect our website, our visitors and ourselves. These steps may include, but are not limited to the following:

Dispute resolution

If you have specific disputes regarding any content on this website you should contact us in the first instance by using the information on our 'About' page so that the matter can be resolved amicably. If we cannot reach a resolution and it is necessary for the matter to be decided by a court of law, the only jurisdiction which will be acceptable will be a court of law situated within the United Kingdom. English law will remain paramount.

Accuracy of information on this website

We make no representation whatsoever that the information on this website is accurate, or up-to-date. The site is designed for a UK audience and so it may be completely unsuitable for persons from a different country.

You agree that you will not hold us responsible in any way for any consequences which may befall you as a direct or indirect result of inaccuracies on this website.


Everything on this website is the copyright of Peter Warren. If you feel that your own copyright has been breached by text or images on this website please contact us in the first instance giving full details of why you believe this to be the case. We have no intention of breaching any person's copyright but we also expect the same courtesy in return.

Our responsibilities to you

This website is provided 'as is' and you accept that the contributors and owners have no responsibility towards yourself or any other person for inaccuracies within this website.

Security breaches of our website

Since fraud attempts and malicious computer viruses are rampant throughout the Internet you accept that we cannot be held responsible for any security breaches of our website which result in you receiving fraudulent information or viral attacks to your own Internet connected device or devices. You should make your own independent arrangements to defend your system and yourself and not rely upon the integrity of our website.

Making copies of this website

Whilst you may make a single copy of this website for your own off-line browsing you must not show this copy to any other person. If you do so you agree to indemnify us for any adverse consequences which we may suffer as a result of your breaching this condition.

Your acceptance of these terms and conditions

You agree that you will be bound by all of the above terms and conditions. If you cannot accept this, then your licence to make use of our website is withdrawn forthwith and you must leave this website immediately and, if you have any copies of the website, you must destroy them immediately.

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