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Can you buy car insurance for a short time?

Yes, it is possible to apply for temporary cover for a car or van for any period between a single day and 28 days. If you need more than 28 days most companies that sell this type of policy will allow you to take out a new policy as soon as the previous one expires.

Can I insure any car short-term?

As with any other type of insurance policy, the underwriters of these policies have a limited list of cars that they will cover, but these do include the majority of popular cars on the British roads today.

Is it more expensive to insure short-term?

Since these policies are designed to be taken out for just a short period of time they are more costly per day than a policy that you have paid for for 365 days. However in most cases, if you only need cover for a few days or weeks, they can prove far more economical than taking out a conventional yearly policy.

Do I have to own the car which is being insured?

No, you can apply for insurance for any car provided that you have the owner's express permission to drive it, as well as one you own yourself.

Does it take long to arrange cover?

No. Actually getting a quote only takes a matter of a few seconds and then provided that you have your driving licence and credit card details available you could have cover in place within a matter of a few minutes.

Will the policy cover me for more than one car?

No. This is temporary cover for one named car only.

Do I need temporary insurance to buy a car?

If you are going to test drive a car that you may wish to buy you will have to have insurance before you can get behind the wheel on a public highway. An existing insurance policy that you have taken out on another vehicle may cover you for any car that does not belong to you, but this will only usually indemnify you for third party risks only. This means that if you have an accident whilst you are driving the car that you are testing you may well be liable for the full cost of the repairs yourself.

In addition if you actually buy the car then it will no longer be covered under your existing policy because you will now own it. You will therefore need temporary insurance at least to drive it back home. You would then have time to shop around and find the most suitable long-term policy for it.

If I have an accident will it affect my no claims bonus?

No, since you will not be making a claim on your existing policy you will retain any no claims bonus that you have accumulated on that policy.

Can I book insurance ahead?

Yes. Once you get a quotation and you find it acceptable you can either start the policy immediately or at any time during the following 28 days.

Is the insurance policy recorded on the Motor Insurers Database?

Yes but do bear in mind that although information about your policy is sent to the MID almost immediately it can take two or three days for the database to be updated. It would be a good idea to have proof of your policy in the car with you at least for the first few days.

Will I get a proper cover note?

Yes you will be sent a link by email and you can download your cover note and all other documentation to either print out or store on your mobile phone.

Can I get insurance if I have a foreign driving licence?

Possibly. Driving licences can be accepted if they were issued in the EU or certain Commonwealth countries including Australia, Canada, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Malaysia, Northern Ireland, Jersey, and Guernsey.

Can I get short-term insurance if I am learning to drive?

Yes. There are special policies for learner drivers who wish to practice in someone else's car.

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